E-Tech 4" Pump Max Flow 10.8m3/hr

E-Tech 4'' Pump Max Flow 10.8m3/hr
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Part Number:  VS8/4
Pump Size:  4" Pump
Max Flow:  10.8m3/hr
Max Head:  273m


E-Tech VS Series 4" Submersible Well Pumps

Outer Case: Stainless Steel, Diffusers: Techolopolymer, Impeller: Polycarbonate
Max Flow 10.8m3/hr   Max Head 273m

VS Series 4" Submersible borehole pumps Outer Case: Stainless Steel, Diffusers: Techolopolymer, Impeller: Polycarbonate Max Flow 10.8m3/hr   Max Head 273m

Performance Tables


  • Municipal water works, fountains and waste water
  • Water distribution and pressure boosting
  • Irrigation and Sprinkler systems, water treatment plants, filtration and reverse osmosis 
  • Industrial cooling and processing
  • Water supply to and from tanks, reservoir and wells
  • Turf and landscapes
  • Residential and farm wells and drainage


  • Compact, reliable and suited to operate in horizontal position
  • Built-in check valve to protect the pump against water hammer risk
  • Floating impellers to grant a better performance and longer life for the pump against abrasion
  • The hydraulic design is such to enhance the overall efficiency thus reducing energy consumption and making the pumping systems more cost effective alignment of all the components making the pumping systems more cost effective


  • Capacities up to 10.8 m3/h at 50Hz
  • Pumped liquid: chemically and mechanically non aggressive
  • Water temperature range: from 0ºC to 40ºC 
  • Maximum allowable amount of sand 25 gr/m³, solid dimension max 2mm
  • Maximum pump diameter (including cable guard): 95mm
  • Outlet diameter: 1 ¼" VS1-2-4-6, 2" VS8-10-15
  • Rotation: counter clockwise when looking into the discharge
  • Motor adapter in compliance with NEMA standard
  • Pump can work continuously in vertical or horizontal position 
  • Motors: see section submersible motors product overview

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