Anti Blackout Pumping Systems

Anti Blackout back-up sump pump systems HELP are anti black-out systems for single-phase loads. They are mainly used to control and supply sump pumps in black-out conditions.

HELP panels are easy to install. The range includes 9 main models for different power to supply and each model is proposed with several kit of batteries according to the required time of endurance.
The anit-flooding system HELP.
Designed to protect your rooms against floods and drawbacks caused by temporary black-out often happening during storms or other adverse atmospheric conditions When there is a lack of mains supply HELP converts the 12V batteries supplied voltage in 230V voltage through an inverter, supplying electric energy to the devices connected (electric pumps or others) HELP has an easy installation and it needs a minimum maintenance, such as the periodic control of batteries and their replacement at the end of their running life. 
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