Water Pump Control & Starter Panels

Control panels, inverter, alarms or variable speed drives, starter panels for single phase and three phase pumps or motors and systems.

Incorporating the latest technology, the range  features dry run protection, constant pressure inverters, soft start and variable speed drives, remote control capability direct on line, star delta and other custom special applications.  Energy efficient applications.

We specialise in bespoke and custom built control panels that meet specific needs for domestic, industrial and specialist applications. Full technical support is offered at all levels.

Direct On Line DOL Starter Panels

​Direct On Line start is probably the simplest and traditional type of start and it is to connect the motor directly to the power supply performing therefore a full-voltage start-up.

Star Delta Starter Panels

Star Delta starting is the best known and perhaps the most widely used low voltage starting method.


Soft Start Starter Panels

A soft starter for the start of the pumps consists basically of two parts: a power unit and a control unit.


Drycheck Dry Run Protection

Control panel with LCD for 1 single-phase and three-phase motor with power factor control to prevent the pump from dry running. Ensuring the protection of submerged pumps without probes.


Variable Speed Drive VSD Inverter

A frequency converter is an electronic device used to control the rotation speed and torque of an electric motor. The motor, in its turn, operates a load (such as a pump). A frequency inverter converts AC voltage of the mains in DC through a rectifier and a bench of capacitors of the middle circuit stabilizes it. 

Anti Blackout Pumping Systems

Anti Blackout back-up sump pump systems, HELP panels are anti black-out systems for single-phase loads. They are mainly used to control and supply sump pumps in black-out conditions.


Alarm Systems

Various monitoring and alarm panels for use independently or in association with our range of control panels.

Full monitored Web telemetry solutions available.


Constant Pressure Inverters

Constant Pressure Inverters

A range of constant pressure inverters, pre-programmed and ready for use on many constant pressure pumping systems.

Single phase 230v, Three phase 230v and 400v. From 1.1kW to 30kW. 

Wall or motor mounted.

Control Panel Accessories

Control Panel Accessories

A variety of multifunction timers, delay timers, panel meters, level probes, floats for use in control panels and starters.


Custom Panels

Custom Panels

Custom built panels with PLC control, remote monitoring for many industries - construction, building maintenance, geothermal, rail infrastructure.



Control Panels with Microprocessor

Control Panels with Microprocessor

Self calibrating electronic control panels with microprocessor control, including dry running protection, multiple pump control for packaged pump sets and pumping stations.

Single phase 230v, Three phase 400v. From 0.25kW to 18.5kW - 1, 2, 3, or 4 pumps.

Electromechanical Control Panels

Electromechanical Control Panels

Direct on line, star delta starter, reactance and soft start electromechanical starter panels.

0.18kW to 110kW (and beyond), for single or multiple pump installations.


Control Panels with Frequency Inverter

Control Panels with Frequency Inverter

High efficiency control panels fitted with frequency inverters and variable speed drives in standard configurations or constant pressure pre-programmed systems.

1.1kW to 110kW (and beyond), for single or multiple pumps.

Electronic Control Panels

Electronic Control Panels

A range of electronic direct on line starter panels designed to cover a range of motor sizes within the same unit. Low voltage inputs for floats, level probes or other switches.

Single and Three phase - motor sizes from 0.37kW to 16kW.

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