HELP Electronic Control Panel

HELP Electronic Control Panel
HELP Electronic Control PanelHELP Electronic Control PanelHELP Electronic Control Panel
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Brand:  Elentek


  • Systems for 1 pump
  • Systems for 2 pumps
  • Anti-blackout systems and back-up sump pumps for domestic and professional systems

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Anti Blackout back-up sump pump systems, HELP are anti black-out systems for single-phase loads. They are mainly used to control and supply sump pumps in blackout conditions.

HELP is very easy to install. The range includes 9 main models for different power to supply and each model is proposed with several kit of batteries according to the required time of endurance.

  • Innovative Design
  • Multifunction backlit Display for the visualization of the system status
  • Load test settable from the display
  • Battery holder version
  • »DUO» Version for exchange and/or simultaneous operation in 2 pumps systems
  • Box in methacrylate easy opening
  • Dimensions 40x26x58 cm
  • Easy handle for moving
  • Protection degree IP 32

HELP ECO and DESIGN Control Panel Image Anti blackoutThe back-up sump pump kit HELP is supplied (with batteries) in 2 versions:

HELP ECO: the kit is provided with the BASIC battery holder, a painted metallic shelf that can contain up to 3 batteries of 50 Ah, 80 Ah or 150 Ah.

HELP DESIGN: the kit is provided with the DESIGN battery holder, consisting in a box in methacrylate ABS resistant to UVA rays. Externally it is visually the same as the classic HELP but inside it has a metallic structure with two shelves for the compartment of 2 batteries (50 Ah, 80 Ah or 150 Ah). It is endowed like HELP with a comfortable handle for the moving and for the opening it is enough to use one tool only.

HELP ECO and HELP DESIGN can be provided with the DUO innovative integrated system of exchange/ contemporaneity (when there is not mains supply) for the operation of two electric pumps.

The anti-flooding systems HELP

Designed to protect your rooms against floods and drawbacks caused by temporary black-out often happening during storms or other adverse atmospheric conditions When there is a lack of mains supply HELP converts the 12V batteries supplied voltage in 230V voltage through an inverter, supplying electric energy to the devices connected (electric npumps or others) HELP has an easy installation and it needs a minimum maintenance, such as the periodic control of batteries and their replacement at the end of their running life. The control of the instrument status is simple and fast by checking the LCD display that constantly visualizes messages concerning the operation, the number and the duration of the interventions, the possible alarms. The self-test function is integrated and allows to keep the pumps working correctly and ready for emergency.
Anti-flooding systems for underground technical room (norma UNI-EN 11292)
The technical rooms must be connected to the drainage system of the site where they are located, with a gravity connection able to unload a lack of water at least of 20 m3/h.
Should this not be possible it is necessary to consider a system of automatic control and protection at least of 2 drainage pumps.
Discharge of drainage pump must be not less than the 5% of the maximum discharge.
Minimum discharge = 10 m3/h.
It is necessary to provide for minimum 30 minutes of emergency electric supply for 1 of the 2 pumps at least.

HELP Control Panel Anti Black Out Pumping System House Application

General features

  • Power supply 1~ 50/60Hz 230V±10%;
  • Batteries input 24Vcc or 36Vcc depending on the model;
  • Single-phase output 1~ 50/60Hz 230V±10%;
  • Output pseudo sine waveform (when working with battery);
  • Efficiency 95%;
  • Automatic battery charger;
  • Deactivation of the load in case of low battery (when working with battery);
  • Multifunction backlit display for the visualization of the system status;
  • Green LED for load active (minimum absorption 1A);
  • Load protection fuse;
  • Batteries protection fuse;
  • Protection against polarity reversal of the batteries;
  • Protection against overload;
  • Protection against over temperature;
  • Load test settable from the display;
  • Forced ventilation;
  • Main switch interlock with handle for emergency shutdown;
  • Box in methacrylate ABS, protection degree IP32;
  • Ambient temperature -5/+40 C° with max relative humidity 50% (not condensed). 
We recommend to use external float switches in order to best use the functions of the system.


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