Heron dipperLog NANO Level Data Logger

Heron dipperLog NANO Level Data Logger
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• Memory: 32,000 data sets (depth & temp)
• Download speed: 32,000 data sets in 90s
• Battery life of approx. 7 years*
• Calibration certificate with each logger

The dipperLog NANO is a superior, low cost, accurate groundwater data logger. They are used by home owners, hydrogeologists and other groundwater professionals requiring a durable, reliable and cost effective solution to long term monitoring of groundwater levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. The Heron logger is also ideal for applications involving short term pump and slug testing, or for wetland and tidal studies. The carry case comes included to protect your precision instrument from the elements.

With an intuitive and user friendly software program, the dipperLog NANO is simple to launch and data recovery is fast and easy.

The Heron Instruments’ dipperLog NANO system allow users to enhance their data logging projects using a family of compatible and affordable accessories.

• Memory: 32,000 data sets (depth & temp)
• Download speed: 32,000 data sets in 90s
• Battery life of approx. 7 years*
• Calibration certificate with each logger
Transducer Piezoresistive Silicon 316LSS
Construction Material All Delrin (corrosion resistant Engineered Thermoplastic) or Stainless Steel and Delrin combination
Accuracy (Typical) 0.05% net FS, for pressure ranges > 120m/400ft 0.25% net FS
Accuracy (Max. error) 0.1% net FS, for pressure ranges > 120m/400ft 0.5% FS
Hydrostatic depth range 120m/400ft
Accuracy (Typical) 0.05% net FS
Accuracy (Max. error) 0.1% net FS
Resolution 0.006% net FS
Temperature Sensor IC Temp Sensor
Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.5 Deg. C
Resolution 0.0625 Deg C
Transducer Temp Compensation Range 0 Deg. C to + 50 Deg. C
Temp Response Time 10 Seconds
Battery Type 3.6 volt Lithium
Battery life Approx. 7 Years @ 5 Minute readings
Clock accuracy +/- 1 Minute per Month
Long Term Stability +/- 0.2% FS/year
Operating Temperature -20 Deg C to +80 Deg C
Memory Non – Volatile EEPROM
Max. Readings Between Downloads 32,000 Sets – Water Depth and Temperature
Communication USB RS232 SDI 12
Download Speed 1.5 minutes (32,000 data sets)
Dimensions 100mm (4in) long x 22.5 mm (0.875 in) Diameter
Weight Delrin -70grams Effective Specific Gravity 2 Stainless Steel – 135 grams Effective S.G 4
Wetted Materials Stainless Steel, Viton, Engineered Thermoplastic (Delrin)
Sampling Modes Linear – Real Time -“log” Time (see below)
Logging Intervals Seconds, Minutes, Hours – Minimum 1sec, Max 255hrs
Download Speed 19.2 k/bits per Second
Units of Measure ft /M of Water (head) in normal mode. Any units when saved as CSV file
Antifouling Screen Weight 22g Length 50mm Dia 25mm. Material Phosphor Bronze (98% copper)
  Note. In “Log time” mode the dipperLog NANO increases the readings from 1 second by an additional 1 second for 255 readings. The final reading interval is 4 min and 14 secs and the logger then stops logging. This mode logs for a total of 9 hours before stopping.
Barometric Compensation Automatic compensation when using a designated barLog. Self compensating when using vented version. Manual compensation in Excel. One real time reading taken during launch procedure and used for all readings unless a barLog is used.
Direct Read Cable 3.5mm diameter Polyurethane jacket with 3 Mylar wrapped, Teflon insulated stranded tinned copper conductors. Woven copper shielding and reinforced stretch resistant Kevlar. Weight 12 grams per meter.
Vented Cable 6.25mm diameter Polyurethane jacketed. 4 stranded. Insulated T.C conductors. 1 stranded T.C drain line 2.5mm Nylon vent tube. Reinforced with Kevlar and an Aluminium shield. Weight 34 grams per meter.
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