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Part Number:  EM1A-CTR-BAT-N


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Pulse Counter is a simple battery powered pulse counter for fast and slow count pulses with 8-digit LDC display, optional backlighting, for NPN, PNP and high voltage applications.

Hours Run Meter is a simple battery powered hour meter for PNP, NPN for high voltage applications. Its 7-digit LCD display with optional backlighting can display various time ranges. 

Pulse Counter

  • High quality LCD display with 8mm high figures
  • Count direction adding and subtracting via control input
  • Battery life approx. 8 years
  • Optional display backlighting
  • Filter Function for bounce-free counting with mechanical contacts
  • Count frequency max. 12 kHz
  • High protection level IP65
  • Screw terminals, RM 5mm
  • Reset key lockable via the input 'Reset Enable'
  • For positive and negative counting edges, depending on version
  • High voltage version for 10.... 260 V AC/DC voltage pulses
  • large 8-digit LCD display with 8mm high figures

Hours Run Meter

  • High quality display with 8mm high figures - optional display backlighting
  • Time range hours with minutes or industry minutes, 1 pulse = 36 seconds programmable via control input
  • Battery lifetime 8 years
  • High voltage versions for 10.... 260 V AC/DC voltage pulses, thus to be connected directly via contactors, relays and motors
  • very high accuracy: 100 ppm
  • Screw terminals, RM 5mm
  • Reset key lockable for PNP, NPN switching level or high voltage version for 10... 260V AC/DC switching voltage
  • Accumulated time is always readable thanks to battery powering
  • High protection level  IP65

Discount quantities available on request.

Please contact us if you require any further technical details. 

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