Double Effect ECO Air Release Valves

Double Effect ECO Air Release Valves
 Double Effect ECO Air Release ValvesDouble Effect ECO Air Release Valves 
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Part Number:  14-17512
Brand:  Hydrodif


Sizes from ∅¾" to ∅1"

Double Effect ECO Air Release Valves are used to release large amounts of air in the pipe, mainly generated by its own system (starting at the pump, filling of the pipes, etc.) and to introduce air from the atmosphere into the pipe (pipe draining). Its dynamic design purges the air at a high speed.
They are used for releasing small quantities of air with pressure. This air is generated mainly by important and punctual pressure losses, as could happen in a pressure reducer. The air removing is made through a small hole in the top and has been designed to avoid fillings and leakage.
They combine the functions of simple effect and double effect air release valves. They have two holes to air evacuation and intake. As the water is filling the pipes, it pushes the air, which is evacuated to the atmosphere through the big hole in the valve. The small hole of an automatic effect is open during this process. When the system is on pressure, the small hole automatically opens when it detects small air bags created by the fluid turbulences.
To properly install a ball valve is recommends placing before them to repair and maintain without having to stop the installation. They should always be placed vertically and the top of the pipe.
The suction equipment is considered automatic operation so requires periodic maintenance. Such maintenance consists of cleaning the internal parts and checking the correct state of floats and sealing gaskets.

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