Variable Speed Drive VSD Inverter

A frequency converter is an electronic device used to control the rotation speed and torque of an electric motor. The motor, in its turn, operates a load (such as a pump). A frequency inverter converts AC voltage of the mains in DC through a rectifier and a bench of capacitors of the middle circuit stabilizes it. The the inverter converts again the DC in AC with variable frequency.

Frequency converters for primary and wastewater treatment applications have a number if customised functions for the control of single and multiple pump systems. These functions specifically for pumps help to reduce running and maintenance costs throughout the pumping system's entire life cycle.

Frequency converters are able to achieve these results through:

  • Reduction in starting stress for the pumping system
  • Optimal speed for the instantaneous demand
  • Optimisation of energy consumption in parallel (booster) pump systems
  • Prevention of pump cavitation and dry running
  • Monitoring of energy consumption
  • Monitoring and protection of the pump motor
  • Energy saving expressed as kWh, in cash terms or in CO² emmissons
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Minivar Electronic Control Panel

Minivar Electronic Control PanelCALL US: +44(0)1473 462046

MINIVAR is a range of compact control panels designed for the control and protection of 1 electric pump or electric motor three phase with ABB FREQUENCY INVERTER. 

Vartek 1 Electronic Control Panel

Vartek 1 Electronic Control PanelCALL US: +44(0)1473 462046

VARTEK control panels with frequency inverter have plastic or metal cases with at least IP 55 protection.

iC5 LS Inverter Drive

iC5 LS Inverter DriveCALL US: +44(0)1473 462046

The iC5 adopts a sensorless vector control algorithm, which improves not only the torque control characteristics, but also the speed controllability in certain conditions caused by load variation.

iG5A LS Inverter Drive

iG5A LS Inverter DriveCALL US: +44(0)1473 462046

Powerful & compact sensorless vector control VFD LS Starvert iG5A. User-friendly interface, extended inverter ranges up to 22kW

iS7 LS Inverter Drive

iS7 LS Inverter DriveCALL US: +44(0)1473 462046

The iS7 generates a more powerful performance through its superior V/F control, V/F PG, slip compensation and sensorless vector control. The iS7 focuses on a user-friendly interface and environment.

S100 LS Inverter Drive

S100 LS Inverter DriveCALL US: +44(0)1473 462046

Powerful sensorless control with a wide range of user friendly functions. Meet the new standard drive LV-S100 by LSIS.

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