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Constant Pressure Inverters

These inverters offer a fully programmable constant pressure system utilising a pressure transducer. Available in configurations: single phase input for single phase output, single phase input for three phase output, three phase input for three phase output for all types of pumps. The system guarantees a substantial energy saving - up to 40% in respect of the standard motor systems. They are ideal for retro fittings and there are also a number of specific security features pre-programmed into the Unit.

Main Characteristics

These inverters are used with a centrifugal pump driven by a single phase or three phase induction motor and a pressure transducer, which is provided & already connected to the inverter, that detects the pressure of the pumped system. These replace all traditional systems such as pressure switch or flow switch and large pressure vessels which are no longer necessary.

Soft starts and stops guarantee a low current absorption which extends the motor life, provides quieter working and reduces water hammer. The logic control unit protects the system from the no flow and dry-running conditions or other dangerous electrical or mechanical conditions.