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See our latest clearance items from our range of Hydrodif products. All items are whilst stocks last.

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45º Tee for PVC Metric Pipe£0.45  -  £0.60

Tee 45º for PVC Metric Pipe.

Sizes from ∅50mm.

90º Elbow Metric Solvent Cement/Female BSP£0.16  -  £0.58

Metric Solvent Cement/Female BSP Elbow 90º.

Sizes from ∅20 x ½".


90º Tee Metric Solvent Cement/Female BSP£0.20  -  £0.74

Metric Solvent Cement/Female BSP Tee 90º.

Sizes from ∅25 x ¾".


Conical Hose Adpater£0.05  -  £0.15

Hose Adapter

Sizes from ∅½" to 1¼".


Cross for PVC Metric Pipe£0.75  -  £0.95

Cross for PVC Metric Pipe.

Sizes from ∅40mm.

ElectroFusion Coupling£0.75  -  £16.00

ElectroFusion Coupling

Sizes from ∅25mm to 225mm

MDPE - Universal Transition 90° Elbows£2.00

MDPE Universal Transition 90° Elbows designed to simplify the joining of MDPE pipes to pipes of a different material. Premium Plast fittings are manufactured from Polypropylene, with an Acetal grip ring and Nitrile rubber O ring

WRAS Approved

Sizes from 25mm-¾ (21-27mm)

PVC Reducing Elbow 45'£0.15  -  £0.20

50mm x 50mm x 40mm PVC Reducing Elbow 45'

PVC Stub Flange (Smooth Face)£0.20  -  £3.00

PVC Stub Flange (Smooth Face)

Sizes from ∅50mm to 200mm

Reducing Socket for PVC metric pipe£0.15  -  £3.00

Conical Reducing Socket for PVC metric pipe.

Sizes from ∅32x25mm.

Stub Flange for PVC Metric Pipe£0.60  -  £0.80

Flange Adaptor (Stub Flange) for PVC Metric Pipe.

Sizes from ∅63mm.

Three Way Ball Valve (T-Port) Imperial£75.00  -  £120.00

Three way ball valve (T-Port)

Sizes from ∅½" x ½" x ½" to ∅2" x 2" x 2"


Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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