Star Delta Starter Panels

Star Delta starting is the best known and perhaps the most widely used low voltage starting method.

It is used to start the pump's motor with lower levels of mechanical stress and with current limitation during start-up; it does this with the aid of a timed system which switches the control contractors installed inside the panel.

Star-delta starting reduces starting current and torque to values of 33% (1/3) of those measured during direct starting.

During start-up, the currents flowing through components are lower than the motor's related current.

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Stardelta PRO Electromechanical Control Panel

Stardelta PRO Electromechanical Control Panel.

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Star-delta start is the main feature distinguishing STARDELTA PRO, our new electromechanical control panel adding the reduction of start currents and mechanical stress to completeness and versatility.

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