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Soft Start Starter Panels

A soft starter for the start of the pumps consists basically of two parts: a power unit and a control unit.

An "in line" connection is generally used, when the type of soft starter does not include thermal protection, an external thermal relay is installed upstream of the bypass node. 

Generally, starting is controlled by the soft starter, after which the power section of the soft starter is disconnected, leaving the control part active.

A soft starter us definitely the smoothest way of starting a motor respect of direct or star-delta methods.

If can be very useful for reducing hammering in pumping systems.

The phenomenon occurs when a pump us stopped quickly, The fluid, which in motion, is forced to stop equally quickly. Sudden changes in pressure on the pipelines and on the system valves.

Therefore using a soft start pump control systems prevents sharp variations in the fluid velocity 

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Static Plus 1 Electronic Control Panel
Static Plus 1 Electronic Control Panel
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STATIC PLUS 1 switchboards have metal cases with at least IP 55 protection.