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Hydrodif Netvitc System

Netvitc System® is a mechanical connection system based on the “J-Bil” joint and the Netvitc System® flange, which allow you to easily join elements to each other with little work.

As it is a mechanical system, it allows you to insert different models and materials saving a great deal of time and with an improvement of working processes compared to traditional systems.

Hydrodif Netvitc System Pressure Fittings
Hydrodif Netvitc System Pressure Fittings

Netvitc System® pressure fittings - The Netvitc System was specially created to be used in any condition. Its metallic core makes it stable on high pressures. Its bilabial design increases the sealing as pressure increases and its surface with perimeter nerves ensures an optimal performance on low pressures.