Water Meters

We offer a wide range of water flow meters to suit domestic, irrigation, commercial or industrial environments.

We have a variety of different water meter types and classes to meet a large range of applications and different water supplies.

  • Borehole and irrigation monitoring and control
  • Batch control
  • Secondary metering
  • Leak detection
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Multi-jet Turbine Water Meter Type JT£112.56  -  £292.00

Multi-jet turbine water flow meter type JT are recommended for use in case of high consumptions and where piping, through deteriorsation, releases solid particles.

Tangential Paddle Water Meter Type WT£151.20  -  £281.60

Tangential paddle water flow meter is an irrigation meter with interchangeable mechanism and tangential paddle wheel.

Woltmann Water Meter Type WMAP£62.00  -  £474.40

Woltmann Water flow Meter Type WMAP with interchangeable mechanism. The rugged design enures reliable operation and are designed for remote communication. They can be retrofitted with pulse emitter.

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items
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