Hydrodif PVC Imperial Pipe Fittings

A full range of metric and Imperial valves and fittings for PVC-u pressure pipe.

Individual special application valves and kits are available. Temperature range from 0°C to 60°C. The high level chemical properties of Polyvinyl Chloride Unplasticized allow for resistance across a large spectrum of pressures and heat levels.

PVC is an extremely common thermoplastic material applied in both domestic and industrial pipework installations. PVC has an outstanding durability to abrasion and exposure to chemicals, as well as being both taste and odourless. Easy to install and fit, these are the best product to use in potable water systems.

Wras approved and hydrodif

PVC - Imperial Solvent Cement Fittings

PVC - Imperial Solvent Cement Fittings.

A variety of PVC-u Imperial solvent cement fittings.

PVC - Imperial Solvent Cement Mixed Fittings

PVC - Imperial Solvent Cement Mixed Fittings.

A variety of PVC-u Imperial solvent cement mixed fittings.               

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