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We specialise in a range of products that provide the solution for critical or non-compliance boreholes

We also assist in the maximising of water production, reduce rehabilitation expenditure and demonstrate the efficacy of a proposed solution. 

Water quality issues can seriously compromise the operational performance of wells and boreholes. Naturally occurring chemical and bacterial processes within the bore and filter can result in iron bacteria and carbonate scale contamination, clogging screens and pumps, reducing water flow and yield, and eventually causing pump breakdowns and system stoppages.  

iron related bacteria

An integral part of quality bore field management is the measuring and monitoring of the key indicators in troublesome bores. We practice the principle of pro-active borehole management techniques and work with internationally renowned organisations to provide the most effective solution or product for any water related problem.

BoreSaver, our range of borehole rehabilitation, well cleaning and maintenance treatments, is government approved, internationally renowned and used worldwide. Our products remove and control mineral contamination problems, and improve water flow, yield and quality. As part of our maintenance programmes we offer a range of rigs to facilitate the rehabilitation and remediation process.

BoreSaver Well Cleaning
BoreSaver Well Cleaning

BoreSaver is the approved range of well and borehole cleaners for water supplies suffering from build-up of iron bacteria, iron oxide, manganese oxide, calcium carbonate and other minerals.

  • BoreSaver Ultra C
  • BoreSaver Ultra C PRO
  • BoreSaver MKL-I Multikleen
  • BoreSaver IKL PRO
  • BoreSaver Liquid Enhancer
  • BoreSaver Antifoam
  • BART Test Kits
BART Bacteria Corrosion Test Kits
BART Bacteria Corrosion Test Kits

Making a definitive diagnosis as to the presence of bacteria/corrosion within a water well can be difficult. Which is why Geoquip is proud to offer a patented Biological Activity Reaction (BART) Test kits specifically designed to detect the presence of 

  • Iron-related bacteria, 
  • Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
  • Slime-forming bacteria.
  • Plus more kits
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