Hydrodif PVC Glues, Cements, Tools & Tape

Sealing tape, solvent cement glue, cleaning solvent, pipe clips and all that you might need.

PVC and ABS Cements

PVC and ABS Cements

For joining pipes, sleeves and fittings.


PVC and ABS Cleaners

PVC and ABS Cleaners

For cleaning and degreasing piping, sleeves and fittings.

Sealing Tape

For quick and easy sealing and repairing of leaks in conduits, pipes, fittings, traps and hoses.

Tools and Wrenches

Tools and Accessories for Metric Polyethylene. Including small, large, metallic and double wrenches. We also supply a manhole key kit for lifting manhole covers.

PE Cleaners and Wipes

Griffon cleaners for PE, PP, PVDF and PB. Liquid and wipes for cleaning and degreasing pipes, sockets and fittings.


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