Hydrodif PVC Glues, Cements, Tools & Tape

Griffon Sealing tape, solvent cement glue, cleaning solvent, wipes, tools and wrenches.

PVC and ABS Cements

PVC and ABS Cements.

Griffon PVC and ABS cements for joining pipes, sleeves and fittings.

UNI-100 GT

PVC and ABS Cleaners

PVC and ABS Cleaners.

Griffon PVC and ABS cleaners for cleaning and degreasing piping, sleeves and fittings.

HCR-36 Cleaner
PVC and ABS Cleaner

Sealing Tape

Sealing Tape.

Griffon tape for quick and easy sealing and repairing of leaks in conduits, pipes, fittings, traps and hoses.

SFT-101 Repair Sealing Tape
PTFE Thread Sealing Tape

Tools and Wrenches

Tools and Wrenches.

Tools and Accessories for Metric Polyethylene. Including small, large, metallic and double wrenches. We also supply a manhole key kit for lifting manhole covers

PE Cleaners and Wipes

PE Cleaners and Wipes.

Griffon cleaners for PE, PP, PVDF and PB. Liquid and wipes for cleaning and degreasing pipes, sockets and fittings.

PE Cleaner Heavy Duty
PE Cleaner Special
PE Cleaner Special Wipes


About Griffon

Griffon offers a range of high quality solution-based products especially for  the professional. With this, Griffon guarantees a complete assortment for the sanitary and installation sector, for example, industry, pool construction,  infrastructure and horticulture technology. Whether your piping system is  made of PVC, PVC-C, ABS, PP or PE, Griffon always has the appropriate solution. As specialist in connecting techniques for plastic piping systems we offer professional customers and end-users a unique and wide range of high-quality products. Griffon products can help you in special cases such as chemical resistance, longer open times, connecting pipes with large diameters or loose fits, the assembly of piping systems with rubber seal connections or solvent cementing under tropical conditions. No matter what kind of thermoplastic piping system you wish to connect, Griffon provides the best solution for every job.

Hydrodif Glue

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