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We offer a wide range of Laval Underground camera systems for every application and terrain, stand-alone cameras, lighting equipment, winches, reels and accessories.

Downhole video and camera inspections are an important asset to drillers and borehole maintenance engineers. Inspection systems provide vital evidence in determining the condition of a well or borehole as well as the nature and extent of any problems. Pre and post treatment CCTV surveys are a key component of any maintenance programme as they allow operators to understand the specific areas in a well that may require attention and confirm the effectiveness of the treatment carried out. Surveys also provide an additional benchmark in the history of the well and its rehabilitation. 

     Laval Underground Surveys borehole Cameras

Click here to download the Laval downhole camera family tree, our Laval family tree of depths and capabilites will help you decide which Laval camera best fits your needs and how different cameras and systems can be combined to create your ideal solution.


Laval Downhole & Borehole Camera Systems

Laval Downhole & Borehole Camera Systems.

Wide range of video and camera inspection systems for every application and terrain:

  • Lightweight, portable 12V system
  • Skid mounted for trucks or vans
  • Trailer mounted systems
  • Full vehicle systems
  • Models up to 610m

Borehole Cameras

Borehole Cameras.

Fully portable, downhole video cameras for water wells, boreholes, tanks and shafts.

  • Capability to 5,000 ft (1524 metres) and from 2 ins (5cm) diameter.
  • Options: downhole view,  dual view, automated control and 360o rotation

Downhole Camera Accessories

Downhole Camera Accessories.

Camera accessories for all models and systems including

  • Camera Cases
  • Tripods
  • Screen upgrades with in built recording features
  • Lens shields and cable head repair kits 

Downhole & Borehole Camera Lighting

Downhole & Borehole Camera Lighting.

Lighting accessories for the highest levels of illumination. Ideal for

  • Turbid or cloudy water conditions
  • Boreholes where diameter demands additional lighting capability 

Downhole Camera Winches & Reels

Downhole Camera Winches & Reels.

Range of winches and reels for the safe and smooth operation of downhole surveys.

  • Winch capability from 2,300 feet to 5,000 feet (701 to 1524 metres).
  • High torque hydraulic or electrical motors

Downhole Camera Hire

Downhole Camera Hire.

Hire the Laval downhole camera systems R-CAM 1000 XLT

  • Post service inspections
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Groundwater monitoring

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