Water Supply & Control

Complete range of water supply and control solutions

Here you will find submersible borehole pumps and motors, ATEX and high temperature pumps, flexible rising main, control panels, pump booster sets, telemetry, filtering systems, pumping accessories and construction dewatering equipment.

Total solution capability for all water supply needs: off-the-shelf, specialist and custom-built packages available. Leading manufacturers used including E-Tech, Subline,  Franklin Electric and Sumoto.  Applications include construction dewatering, groundwater abstraction, mining, quarrying, irrigation, leachate pumping, public and private water supply, geothermal, remediation and contamination.

Borehole Pumps

Borehole Pumps.

High performance submersible borehole pumps using the latest advances in pump technology, efficiency and robustness.  

  • Sizes 3" to 10", flow to 660m3/hr
  • Franklin Electric E-tech Borehole pumps
  • Corrosion resistant and long life
  • Widest range of materials

ATEX & High Temperature Borehole Pumps

ATEX & High Temperature Borehole Pumps.

Widest range of specialist and custom made submersible borehole pumps, built to order with short lead times.

  • ATEX certified to 94/9/CE Directive
  • High temperature pumps to 80oC
  • Corrosive and saline water units
  • Hydrocarbon
  • AdBlue
  • ATEX Drainer pumps
  • Contaminated Sites
  • UK ATEX borehole submersible pumps 

Submersible Borehole Motors

Submersible Borehole Motors.

Full range of Franklin Electric and Sumoto submersible motors for groundwater and other submerged pumping applications.

  • All voltages and frequencies
  • Rewindable & encapsulated
  • Single and three phase
  • Sizes from 3" to 12"

Pressure and Level Control Switches

Pressure and Level Control Switches.

We have a wide range of Pressure Switches, Switchmatics, transducers, Floats and Level probes.

Water Pump Telemetry

Water Pump Telemetry.

Access and monitor your pumping systems remotely, anywhere and anytime.  For water, industrial and environmental applications. 

  • Off-site single or multiple systems
  • Full system control and monitoring 
  • GPRS, SMS, email technology

GroundWater Control & Dewatering

GroundWater Control & Dewatering.

Specialist supplier to construction dewatering sector with experience on UK and global groundwater control projects.

  • Specifying and supply experts
  • Urban, mining, transport projects
  • Wellpoint, deepwell and ejector 

Lakos Sand Separators & Filters

Lakos Sand Separators & Filters.

Filtration and separation units to remove sand, silt, rust, scale, grit particles and other sediment from water supply systems. 

  • No more clogging or build up
  • Extends life of equipment
  • Twistiiclean Sediment filter 
  • Units easy to install and use

Water Meters

Water Meters.

Water flow meters for commercial, irrigation, domestic and industrial applications. Used for Borehole, irrigation monitoring and control.

  • Woltmann Water meters
  • Multijet Turbine Water meter
  • Tangental Paddle water meter

Export Services

Export Services.

We specialise in fulfilling bespoke project requirements and exporting them to remote parts of the world, particularly where conditions and logistics can be difficult.

Environmental & Community

Environmental & Community.

As part of Geoquip's environmental and community campaigns we now have a range of products to help with keeping britain tidy and clean. We are currently supplying Hand Sanitiser with all profits being donated to St Helena Hospice.

Exclusive Offers

Exclusive Offers.

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