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NEO Pump Inverter with Remote Control Panel

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Key specifications;

  • Three phase input and three phase output 3x(200-440)V and 3x(200-460)V
  • Maximum motor-pump power 3kW to 11kW
  • Pressure measure range from 0 to 30 bar and 0 to 50 bar
  • Can work in group with RS485 communication
  • Remote control
  • Protection grade IP65

The New NEO Series is the latest inverter in our line, it has a modern design and easy to use features. Specially designed for three-phase centrifugal pumps, with power up 11kW. This this inverter is professional, innovative, extremely compact, technological and functional.

Besides having all the main features of the other inverters in our range the NEO inverters have an exclusive feature: a removable keypad, which is magnetically connected to the inverter.

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Key Specifications

  • On board motor inverter, three-phase input and three-phase output, for pumps with maximum power 3.0kW
  • Easy to operate, thanks to removable wireless keypad with LCD display
  • High protection grade (IP65), waterproof (non pressurised water)
  • Compact and robust, optimal cooling thanks to forced ventilation by the motor fan
  • Included pressure transducer K16, motor connection kit with wires, skintop and gasket
  • Fast installing on motor board (only 4 screws) and easy starting operations
  • Suitable to control pressure systems up to 8 pumps with inverter in group, communication via RS485 bus
  • Possible remote control via RS485 bus, in slave mode with Modbus protocol
  • Relays output for Motor ON and Alarm signals

Removable Wireless Keypad

  • Removable wireless keypad with LCD display, universal for the series of inverters NEO
  • Magnetic fixing and rechargeable batteries on the inverter induction housing or onto blocK
  • Possibility to control the inverter up to 30 meters in free environment
  • Robust, with high protection grade (IP65)
  • Functions menu simple and intuitive, with paprameters written in full text

NEO waterproof

NEO Block Magnetic Charger

NEO Block

Block Main Features;

  • The keypad is attached to the block by magnets
  • The keypad can be postioned on the block in 4 configurations
  • The block is powered by induction
  • Inductive battery recharge, wireless
  • Block is IP65, 200-260Vac 1PH 50/60Hz

If the wall is made of metal, the block can be attached by its magnetism. Alternatively, it can be fixed onto two inserts by using designated slots on the back of the block.

The NEO is available in two sizes with three specifations (see technical tab for more information)

NEO horizontal motor mount

NEO vertical motor mount


NEO Technical information

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