Quick Joint Tank Connectors

Quick Joint Tank Connectors
Quick Joint Tank ConnectorsQuick Joint Tank ConnectorsQuick Joint Tank ConnectorsQuick Joint Tank Connectors
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Part Number:  766020
Brand:  Hydrodif


Sizes from ½" to 2"

Quick Joint Tank Connector, Available in Sizes ½” – 2”

PP Fitting with EDPM Gaskets

  • Ease and speed of use: the fitting can be installed on tank walls straight from the outside, does not need welding, sealants or locknut.
  • Central Body of the joint. The threading allows for the necessary force so that the gasket can be joined to the wall.
  • Gasket. Thanks to the patented variable shape of the diameter, it guarantees hydraulic sealing up to 4bar
  • Flat Ring. It allows for homogenous strength when tightening and serves as a buffer to reduce friction between nut and rubber on the gasket
  • Ring. Its tightening through the threading makes it possible to shape the gasket adjusting it to the wall.
  • Working Pressure of 4 Bar at 20’C with 8Nm tighten torque
  • Excellent resistance at low temperatures
  • Good mechanical resistance and shock absorption with high safety factors
  • Good resistance to traction, compression and bending
  • High chemical resistance, electrically insulating, totally non toxic.

 Quick Joint Tank Connector Assembly

Quick Joints® is a range of quick coupling fitting for tanks in polypropylene or brass, designed to combine technlogy and innovation. QJ fittings, with patented technology, are market-oriented to meet any needs and can be used in different application fields: from agriculture machinery to automotive and industrial plants, from shipbuilding to caravan industry, until chemical toilets to waste water treatment tanks.

An extremely versatile range, covering many fields thanks to raw materials used for gaskets and bodies; in particular EPDM for water, NBR for oils and gas olis, VITON for petrol and acid.

One of the first Quick Joints characteristics is the ease and speed of use: the fitting can be installed on tank walls straight from the outside, does not needs welding, sealants or locknut. The installation can easily done from only one person in few seconds. It does not request maintenance and, thanks to its great resistence to jump in temperature, stress, vibrations, corrosion and weather conditions, it guarantees a long duration in any kind of space and an excellent seal: gaskets design guarantees an hydraulic seal until 4 bar.

Quick Joint Tank Connector

Quick Joint Tank Connector Assembly layout

Quick Joint Tank Connector

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