T-KIT Switchmatic 1 and 2

T-KIT Switchmatic 1 and 2
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Part Number:  ES1A-SWMT01-A1N


T-KIT Switchmatic is an electronic pressure switch integrated in a 3-ways fitting with a digital pressure gauge. 

T-KIT Switchmatic is an electronic pressure switch integrated in a 3-ways fitting with a digital pressure gauge. It can manage the start and stop of single-phase electric pumps up to 3 HP (2,2 kW). Cut-in and cut-out pressure implementation can be set easily and accurately through a users friendly control panel. Wiring is carried out identically to a conventional electromechanical switch.

It can operate as a differential pressure switch and as an inverted pressure switch. There is an internal non-return valve.

T-KIT Switchmatic 2 includes also instantaneous current lecture. This patented version controls and manages the overcurrent, the dry-running protection of the pump and fast cycling protection.


  • Electronic pressure switch integrated in a 3 ways fitting.
  • Inner non-return valve.
  • Sleep mode with low power consumption.
  • Inner pressure transmitter.
  • Integrated pressure gauge with bar and psi instantaneous display.
  • User friendly control panel with 3-digits display, led-lights and pushbuttons.
  • Dry-running protection by current (for type T-KIT Switchmatic 2) and for minimal pressure (for type T-KIT Switchmatic 1).
  • ART function (Automatic Reset Test). If the device has been stoped due the action of the safety system against dry operation, the ART tries to connect the pump, with a programmed periodicity because the water supply could have been restored.
  • Overload protection (only type T-KIT Switchmatic 2).
  • Rapid-cycle alarm: when the hydropneumatic tank has lost the air and frequent start-stops are produced an alarm is activated and is delayed the start.
  • Manual start.
  • Operation modes: differential, inversed differential and synchronized (only for T-KIT Switchmatic 2).
  • Advanced MENU with complementary settings.
  • EMC certified and Electrical Safety certifed.
  • RoHS 2 and WEEE compliant


  • 3 digits display:
    - Operating mode: Instantaneous pressure
    - Set mode: Cut in and cut out pressure.
  • Bar-psi led lights (green):
    - Operating mode: Bright bar or psi.
    - Pump on: Flashing bar or psi.
  • Star-Stop Led (yellow):
    - Bright: displayed Pressure start or Pressure stop.
    - Flashing: Setting Psart or Pstop
  • Push Buttons Up and down: Increase or dicrease configuration parameters.
  • ENTER push-button:
    - Manual start and stop
    -Confirm configuration value.
  • A led light (green):
    - Bright: Displayed instantaneous current consumption of the pump.
    - Flashing: Setting maximum current of the pump.
  • Alarm red light: dry-run, over current, fast cyclying
  • A push-button: Set and display current intensit

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