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Well Rehabilitation Rig

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A purpose-built hydraulic winch has been developed to facilitate the rehabilitation of wells and boreholes. Mounted on a fabricated skid, the standard rehabilitation rig is small enough to be placed on a small trailer. Larger models are available which would need to be placed on larger trucks or trailers.

Well Rehab Winch

The winch can be placed close to the wellhead to allow the unit easy access into the well or borehole. Following the introduction of the appropriate BoreSaver treatment, the rig’s specially designed brushes are lowered into the bore casing to the areas of contamination and then oscillated up and down to affect a brushing and surging motion. The brushes from the hydraulic rig remove encrustations and bacterial growth from casing walls/screens and out into the formation.

Well Rehab Winch


  • Horizontal and vertical mast position
  • Dual width cross beam
  • Universal joint mast connection to optimise alignment at well
  • Sectional mast for variable height
  • Reciprocating secondary winch for automatic brushing 100mm
  • Corrosion free rope 3500kg breaking straw
  • Inverter control winch motors for variable speed
  • Pendant control unit with 5m cable
  • Range of accessories available; Brushes strings, bailers, Dosing pumps & tremmie pipe reels

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