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Premium Plast MDPE - Universal Transition Repairing 90 Tee

Part Number
Hydrodif WRAS Black and Grey Nuts

Sizes from ∅21 - 27mm x 15 - 22mm x 21 - 27mm to ∅27 - 35mm x 21 - 27mm x 27 - 35mm

WRAS approved Hydrodif product for the PLAST Range of Universal Fittings

Hydrodif WRAS Black and Grey Nuts

A full range of approved MDPE Universal Transition Repairing 90° Tee designed to simplify the task of joining MDPE pipes to pipes of a different material.

Providing the ultimate in pipe connection flexibility, our universal transition fittings enable fast, easy, effective connections between MDPE pipe and most recognised pipe materials including Copper, Alkathene, PE, PVC, ABS, Stainless, Galvanised Iron and even Lead.

Our fittings are unique in that there is no need for adapters and every standard fitting of the appropriate body size can be converted into a universal transition.

Premium Plast fittings are manufactured from Polypropylene, with an Acetal grip ring and Nitrile rubber O ring. They have a pressure rating of 16 bar at 20° C, and a maximum service temperature of 80° C at reduced pressure. A competitive alternative to notable brands such as Philmac, Plasson and Polyfast.

WRAS Approved

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