OP3 inch Pump Motor

OP3 inch Pump Motor
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Key Features:

Power range:
Single phase: from 0.37kW to 0.75kW
Three phase: from 0.37kW to 1.1kW
50Hz / 60Hz

Axial Thrust:
1200N: from 0.37kW to 1.1kW


SMALL SIZE, GREAT QUALITY - 3" Rewindable OIL filled submersible motor.

The OP3-type is the outcome of consistent design effort arousing from the need to solve all problems linked to reduced space.

The motor still preserves the splined-shaft coupling system typical of the NEMA regulations.

The OP3-type motor still preserves the splined-shaft coupling system typical of the NEMA regulations.  The electromechanical specifications are undoubtedly interesting and complying with all application requirements.  Each motor is supplied with a 1.8 mt-long sealed cable directly connected with the winding.  


  • Atoxic dielectric liquid cooling 
  • Axial load to be carried: 1.200 N
  • 0.37 kW to 0.75 kW single-phase version
  • .37 kW to 1.1 kW three-phase version 
  • F-class insulation - IP 58 protection
  • Splined shaft extension for easy coupling 
  • AISI 303 stainless steel end shaft 
  • Compensation diaphragm and sand-seal suitable dimensions
  • Easy to disassemble and to re-wind 
  • High-resistance nickelled-cast iron brackets
  • Maximum voltage fluctuation admissible versus nominal rated voltage: +/- 10%

Technical Features:

  • Rewindable
  • Upper bracket: Nickel plated cast iron. SS 316 available
  • Motor case: SS 304
  • Motor shaft: SS 304
  • Shaft extension and coupling: NEMA standard
  • High quality radial and thrust ball bearings
  • Winding: enameled copper - Class F insulation
  • Degree of protection: IP68/Class B insulation
  • Max temp 35dc with water cooling flow min. 0.08 m/s
  • Max depth immersion: 100m
  • Nos. of start per hour: max 30 at regular intervals
  • Over-dimensioned sand slinger
  • Mechanical seal: graphite/ceramic. SiC/SiC or SiC/AI mechanical seal available as option.
  • Coolant: dielectric non toxic high quality lubricant.
  • Motor cable length: 1,75m ( 3 wire plus ground).
  • Voltage variation: +/-10%
  • Single phase motor available with permanent split capacitor
  • Suitable for horizontal operation.

50 Hz

60 Hz


Product and technical Sheets

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