Franklin Electric E-tech Pumps

Franklin Electric is the leading manufacturer of high-quality borehole submersible motors and pumps.

Franklin Electric is renowned worldwide for quality, energy efficiency and innovation. 

As the sole UK strategic partner for Groundwater Products for Franklin Electric (Europe), Geoquip Water Solutions has a wealth of knowledge and experience of the Franklin portfolio.

We can provide detailed advice and tailor bespoke solutions for every borehole installation and carry a wide range of products in stock.

Franklin Electric E-tech Pumps    

Franklin Electric E-Tech Borehole Pumps

Franklin Electric E-Tech Borehole Pumps.

High performance Franklin Electric E-Tech submersible borehole pumps VS, VSC & VN. These combine the latest advances in pump technology with efficiency, reliability and robustness.

Available 4" to 12".

Franklin Electric E-tech Submersible Motors

Franklin Electric E-tech Submersible Motors.

A full range of submersible motors (encapsulated or rewindable).

Designed for groundwater and other submerged pumping applications.

Available 4" to 12".

Franklin Electric E-Tech Surface Pumps

Franklin Electric E-Tech Surface Pumps.

Franklin Electric E-tech EH Series, EHsp Series, EM Series, EV Series and FN Series.

Multi-stage booster pumps, designed to meet your pressure boosting needs.

Franklin High Efficiency Pump System

Franklin High Efficiency Pump System.

In consideration of environmental relief and energy saving, Franklin Electric E-tech developed a High Efficiency 4", 6" , 8" and 10" Submersible Borehole System. These consist of a synchronous submersible NEMA motor associated variable frequency drive and output filter.

Franklin Electric E-tech Inverters, Drives, Controls & Protection

Franklin Electric E-tech Inverters, Drives, Controls & Protection.

Geoquip supply a large range of Franklin electric E-tech drives, controls, inverters and protection. For use in a wide variety of residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and municipal installations, for both clean and grey water applications.

Franklin Electric E-tech Drive-Tech Mini

Franklin Electric E-tech Drive-Tech Mini.

The Franklin Electric E-tech DriveTech MINI (DTm) inverter device is a a state-of-the-art booster set which combines efficiency, simplicity, innovation and safety. It achieves overall energy savings of up to 40%, compared to conventional speed control systems.

Franklin Electric cooling sleeve shroud for submersible motor pumps

Franklin Electric cooling sleeve shroud for submersible motor pumps.

Cooling sleeve kits for Franklin Electric submersible motor pumps

The heat loss generated by the submersible motor must be dissipated to the pumped medium by means of convection. If the minimum cooling speed along the submersible motor cannot be guaranteed, it is mandatory to install a cooling jacket in order to generate sufficient cooling.

Pump Booster Sets Franklin Electric E-tech

Pump Booster Sets Franklin Electric E-tech.

Etech pumps built into boosters sets for increasing or boosting the pressure of water within a building. Industrial or agricultural application, where the existing incoming mains or feed tank is not sufficient.


Franklin Electric has a wide array of borehole submersible pumps, featuring proven components and providing superior performance.

Franklin Electric also has the Coverco brand, known for its robust and reliable 4” and 6” oil-filled rewindable motors, available from 0.37 up to 30kW as single and three phase versions.

We have a close working relationship with the Franklin team and direct access to its European manufacturing facilities. This means we can deliver prompt customer service and expertise at cost-effective prices.

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