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TWIN Control Panel

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Electronic control panel with microprocessor available in single or three phase version, equipped with electronic protection against dry running and integrated pump exchanger.

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It is easy to install and start thanks to motor current and cosφ self-calibration.

It is suitable for surface pumps, submerged pumps and motors in general, with power range between 0,09 kW and 18,5 kW (please download the data sheet to learn more about all the available sizes and features). It can be used for emptying, filling and pressurization.

Electronic control panel with thermoplastic case and IP55 protection degree.

Inputs and Outputs

  • N. 4 inputs for floats or pressure switches;


  • Command with buttons and LEDs;
  • Selector for stop input operation mode (emptying or filling);
  • Self-hold (excludable): operation in emptying or filling mode with separeted start and stop floats;
  • Alternated pumps start and forced exchange for 12 hours continuous run of the same pump (excludable);
  • Periodical unlock of the impeller;
  • Second pump start on-delay adjustable 0-30s;
  • First pump stop on-delay adjustable 0-180s;
  • Alarm signal for dry running and stop level or pressure (excludable);
  • Non contemporaneous pumps start and stop;
  • 10s start on-delay after power supply restoration;
  • Main disconnecting switch with door lock;


  • Adjustable electronic protection for motor overload;
  • Protection for minimum load;
  • Electronic protection against dry running (excludable, adjustable threshold);
  • Motor supply and auxiliary circuit protection fuses;
  • Contactor command circuit voltage as power supply (only for QTD20-TWIN models);
  • Very low voltage inputs;

Optional features

MCL - Electronic module for level control with probes (probes not included);
CSFI  - Phases presence and phases sequence control module;
RCSFA - Voltage control module, phases presence and phases sequence;
SAL - Integrated acoustic and visual alarm;
M485 - Modbus-RTU RS-485 communication;
ALC - Alarm output relay with N.O. / N.C. changeover contact (250V~ 2A max, resistive load);


Dimensions & Weights

Dimensions & Weights


Circuit Diagrams


Circuit Diagrams

Electrical Data

Electrical Data

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