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WP4 inch Pump Motor

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Power range:
Single phase: from 0.37kW to 3.7kW
Three phase: from 0.37kW to 7.5kW
50Hz / 60Hz

Axial Thrust:
1500N: from  0.37kW to 0.75 kW
3000N: from 1.1kW to 2.2kW
6500N: from 3kW to 7.5kW




  • Stator filled with special epoxy resin and hermetically sealed for a better insulation on the winding and greater heat exchange.
  • Rotor and thrust bearings lubricated by Water mixed with Propylene Glycol.
  • Removable plug-in lead cable.
  • Motor frame made out of AISI 304
  • Shaft end made out of AISI 303
  • Motor bracket made out of Cast Iron G20
  • Bracket's cover made out of AISI 304 
  • Shaft sealing system granted by labyrinth seal, sand slinger and lip seal 
  • Pressure equalising diaphragm 
  • 4" NEMA flange 
  • Degree of protection: IP68
  • Insulation: Class F
  • Valve for restoring of cooling liquid.

Operating Limits:

  • Water well temperature: max. 35oC
  • Maximum starts per hour: 30
  • Minimum flow rate speed: 0.08 m/s
  • Voltage tolerance: + 6% / - 10%
  • Maximum deep head: 150m
  • Mounting position: vertical/horizontal 
  • Liquid characteristics: Ph from 5.8 to 8.6
  • Service factor higher than 1 for 60 Hz motors
  • Axial Thrust:
1500 Newton up to 0.75 kW
3000 Newton up to 2.20 kW
6500 Newton up to 5.50 kW
4000 Newton optional



50 Hz

60 Hz

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