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Easy Electronic Control Panel

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EASY Electronic Control Panel

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EASY, the most user-friendly panel from Elentek. Easy control panel is self-programming by simply pressing a button. EASY creates a local wireless network to control and refine the parameters with your smartphone or tablet. Control and protect, just do it simply with EASY.
  • Essential - Self learning means no set-up required
  • Compact - Small size for specific needs
  • Connectivity - private WI-FI to connect your device
  • Plug-in Version - Simplifies installation even further
  • Pressurisation
  • Filling


  • Built in WI-FI module for APP/Browser
  • Power supply plug - Plug for power supply of the motor and to control input connectors (EASY PLUG IN single phase version only)


Self-Learning Functions

  • LEDs on front of panel for signalling operating status and alarms
  • Pushbuttons: AUTOMATIC, 0 with MANUAL function
  • Self-learning of electrical motor data
  • Dry running protection by: level probes/floats/pressure switches
  • Up to 2 control inputs: level probes/floats/pressure switches
  • Manual button operation (fixed or momentary)
  • Predisposition for run capacitors for single-phase version (not included)

Additional Functions with WI-FI Connection

  • Interface language selection: Italian/English/French/German/Spanish
  • Display of motor absorption, working hours and number of motor starts (resettable)
  • Electronic control of minimum current (dry running)
  • Automatic reset due to minimum current alarm with programmable times
  • Selection of delay time for minimum/maximum current alarm activation at motor start
  • Too many starts/hour setting and alarm
  • Enabling of level alarm from probes


  • Power supply 1phase 100-240Vac 50/60Hz (EASY-Mono)
  • Power supply 3phase 310-450Vac 50/60Hz (EASY-Tri/5.5)


  • Electronic control of maximum motor current
  • Electronic control of minimum current (dry running)
  • Failure or incorrect phase sequence control on power supply input


  • Alarms reported: voltage status, levels, motor overload, minimum motor current, clicson motor
  • General alarm output contacts


  • Auxiliary and motor protection fuses
  • Box in ABS, IP55

Easy Plug in Version

  • Complete with: mains power plug, motor power socket and 2 control connectors (e.g. floats, pressure switch and/or probes)

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