HCR-36 Highly Chemically Resistant PVC Solvent Cement

HCR-36 Highly Chemically Resistant PVC Solvent Cement
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Brand:  Griffon


Sizes from 1000ml

HCR-36 solvent cement for cementing PVC-C, PVC pipes and fittings. It can be used when high chemical resistance is needed. HCR-36 can be used for pressure and drainage systems
·   Gives Joints with high chemical resistance
·   For pressure and non pressure pipe systems
Field of application

For joining pipes, sockets and fittings with interference fit in pressure and drainage systems. Also suitable for PVC-C (max. 60°C). Especially for connections demanding a high chemical resistance, such as highly anorganic acids like sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Suitable for diameters ≤ 160 mm. Max. 10 bar (PN 10). Maximum tolerance: 0.5 mm diametrical clearance / 0.2 mm press fit. To be used in combination with HCR-36 Cleaner. Suitable for pipe systems in accordance with e.g. EN 1329, 1453, 1455 and ISO15493 (PVC/PVC-C). Indication of chemicals which require use of HRC-36: Sulphuric acid: concentrations > 70% Hydrochloric acid: concentrations > 25% Nitric acid: concentrations > 20% Lyes (caustic soda): concentrations > 35% Fluoric acid: any concentration Sodium hypochlorite: active chlorine content > 7.5%

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