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Hydrodif Netvitc System Line Filter Solvent Socket Outlet - Screen Sight Glass

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Netvitc System - Line Filter Solvent Socket Outlet - Screen Sight Glass Item 515 - 90mm to 200mm

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The Hydrodif Hidroten strainer filters are the perfect option due to their corrosion resistance, lightness and convenience in cleaning and maintenance works. We have two models, “STONE” and vertical, that offer a perfect protection to the elements of the installation against the solids which may be dragged in the fluid. The “STONE” model has been designed to work horizontally, while the vertical model, has a configuration that makes it unique for work vertically.

Thanks to its Netvitc System® and its versatility, they can be adapted to any installation. 

The “SCREEN” filter provides the necessary protection in any kind of installation, as it eliminates any solid which may be dragged by water and which may damage other elements such as meters, probes, valves, etc.

The filtering media, a mesh integrated in a plastic structure, provides a greater agility in the cleaning of the cartridge as well as a totally stable and homogeneous filtering level. Its micronage may vary as to the size of the particles to be kept.

The joint design makes assembling easier and offers perfect water tightness at a low pressure. Within the range we have a new model, the Screen Plastic filter, specifically designed to be an in-line pre-filter. With this model, we add a new utility to the viewers with the inclusion of a filtering medium, a mesh totally injected in plastic which ensures effective protection against large solids in facilities such as swimming pools, which are highly exposed to the entry of solids in the hydraulic circuit.

It is Netvitc System®’s core and was especially created to be used in any condition. Its metallic core makes it stable on high pressures. Its bilabial design increases the sealing as pressure increases and its surface with perimeter nerves ensures an optimal performance on low pressures.




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