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Minivar Electronic Control Panel

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  • Control Panel for 1 motor
  • Frequency Inverter
  • Overload electronic protection

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MINIVAR is a range of compact control panels designed for the control and protection of 1 electric pump or electric motor three phase with ABB FREQUENCY INVERTER. Designed and constructed with ABB components, these panels offer reliability and versatility to meet user demands thanks to the numerous compatible accessories available.

MINIVAR applications:

  • Borehole or surface pumps for irrigation (constant pressure and frequency modulation)
  • Booster pumps (constant pressure and frequency modulation)
  • Borehole or submersible pumps for drain control (constant  level and frequency modulation)
  • Electric motors (frequency modulation/speed)

MINIVAR can control and protect any three phase utility thanks to the use of a frequency inverter.

The electrical panel is fitted inside a thermoplastic box in ABS featuring an innovative design by Elentek, with unibody seal and special provisions for wall-fixture maintaining the protection rating of the electrical panel. An external multifunction display enables simple and immediate programming and display of parameters and electrical data.

The display and front selectors enable system management and signals. Easy to install thanks to the wiring diagrams and connection diagrams inserted in the panel.

Products compatible with MINIVAR include: pressure transducers or sensors with analogue signal 4-20mA or 0-10V, immersion or ultrasound sensors with analogue signal 4-20mA or 0-10V, pressure switches and alarm panels (as well as many other optional accessories).

  • Power supply 3 ~ 50/60Hz 400V±10% - output  3 ~ 400V
  • Power supply 3 ~ 50/60Hz 230V±10% - output  3 ~ 230V
  • Power supply 1 ~ 50/60Hz 230V±10% - output  3 ~ 230V;
  • Auxiliaries contacts and circuits in low voltage
  • Normally open contact for start with selector in “Manual” position
  • Normally open contact for minimum level/pressure  contact
  • Analog input  4-20mA (0-10V on request)
  • Selector for Auto-Off-Manual operation (MANUAL stable)
  • Frequency inverter with ventilation, LCD, “pid” regulation and connection for RS232/485
  • Auxiliaries and motor protection fuses
  • Forced ventilation kit
  • Enclosure in ABS, IP54
  • Ambient temperature: -5/+40 °C
  • Relative humidity 50% at 40 °C (not condensed)

The user must have suitable characteristics for inverter application

Earthleakage for mains supply protection must be “A” type (for unidirectional pulsing current with continuous component and for alternate current) protected against sudden release of current with the possibility to select the intervention threshold (recommended 300mA) and the time of intervention at the release (suggested 0,5 sec.)

The expansion vessel is suggested for an exact reading of the pressure, it must be pre-charged at a 30% lower pressure than the working pressure of the system and installed close to the pressure sensor.

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