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Putting the focus on Laval cameras - Case Study


D Hughes Well Drillers


Doncaster UK


Laval R-CAM 1000 XLT downhole camera system

Project Description:

Identifying and solving borehole problems


Boreholes, water wells, Laval, borehole cameras, investigation, 360o view

“The camera is a big investment, but I believe it will pay for itself within the first year” Darren Hughes

Darren Hughes runs D Hughes Well Drillers, specialising in drilling and installing boreholes throughout the UK, and he is also vice chairman of The Well Drillers Association.

He purchased a dual view Laval R-CAM 1000 XLT borehole camera from Geoquip Water Solutions in 2019 and says: “It wins us a lot of work we wouldn’t normally get, usually because something has gone wrong and we need to get down there and identify the problem.”

He says one of the biggest advantages is the two cameras, offering both down and side views, adding: “There is no point in just looking downwards, when you spot something you need to look at it, get a side view and pan round the borehole 360o.

“Typically, it maybe an old borehole which needs relining or replacing, or a problem with a pump which isn’t working properly, now we can see what the damage is and make appropriate recommendations.”

Among the projects where Darren has used the camera is a major London teaching hospital and a large country estate, sporting and events venue on the south coast and he says the portability of the unit is another major bonus, making it easy to transport.

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