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Franklin Electric E-Tech Booster Sets

In some locations, water pressure from an existing incoming mains water supply or the available feed from a water tank may not be high enough to meet requirements.

To overcome the challenges of low pressure, Franklin Electric has developed its E-Tech Pump Booster Sets, available and produced in the UK from Geoquip Water Solutions.

Franklin Electric Hydropompe Submersible Drainage & Sewage Waste Water Pumps

We are pleased to introduce a range of Franklin Electric Hydropompe submersible drainage and sewage pumps.

Hydropompe by Franklin Electric is manufactured in northern Italy, offering electric submersible pumps suitable for numerous applications within the domestic, municipal and industrial sectors.

From wastewater pumping to surface water dewatering, Hydropome has the right pump for the job.

Hydrodif Netvitc System

NEW Netvitc System (Ease of maintenance - Easy & Quick Installation)
The Netvitc system offers a patented design which allows for a quicker and easier installation when compared to traditional systems.
It’s modular, 2 bolt design enables replacements, extensions, or cleaning of components whilst also improving the reliability of connection in a quick and easy manner.

Showtime for Geoquip and Franklin Electric

Attending two shows in November provided an opportunity to fly the flag for both Geoquip and Franklin Electric products.

At the National Fruit Show in Kent, the team chatted to fellow exhibitors and attendees, highlighting the benefits of good borehole maintenance and the importance of choosing the right pump to maximise efficiency and yield.

Geodrilling December 2023: Drier summers driving proactive approach to borehole maintenance

Writing in GeoDrilling International magazine, Bryn Ager from Treewaters Control Systems, says borehole users are responding to changing weather patterns by adopting more regular cleaning programmes to keep water quality and quantity flowing. He also discusses the importance of maintenance for dewatering projects as well as irrigation.

Click to read the full article.


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