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9 August 2023
Borehole treatment programme keeps Brianís nursery garden blooming - BoreSaver Case Study

With a 6.5 acre nursery garden, renowned plantsman and horticulturalist Brian Humphrey relies on borehole water for his irrigation system. Over time, the water’s high iron content led to decreasing yield, as both the pump and pipes became blocked by residue.

Product: BoreSaver Ultra C Pro, BoreSaver Multikleen and Laval borehole camera

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9 October 2021
Partnership Delivers Clear Results UK - BoreSaver Ultra C Pro Case Study

When a large water utility company identified iron bacteria problems with three of its boreholes, it called on borehole maintenance specialist Drilcorp and treatment experts Geoquip Water Solutions for advice.

Product: BoreSaver Ultra C Pro

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7 October 2021
East Grinstead Town Football Club - Franklin Electric VS 4Ē Submersible E-Tech Pump Case Study

Installation of a new borehole as part of a major pitch drainage and irrigation project.

Product: BoreSaver Ultra C ProFranklin Electric VS4-7 4” Submersible E-Tech Pump


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5 July 2021
Helping printers keep their cool - TwistIIClean Case Study

Installation of a TwistIIClean filter onto a thermal control device for the print industry

Product: TwistIIclean, Hydrodif fittings

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14 June 2021
West Hill Golf Club UK - BoreSaver Ultra C Pro Case Study

Deterioration in quality and quantity of borehole water caused by iron-related bacteria at West Hill Golf Club

Product: BoreSaver Ultra C Pro, R-CAM 1000 XLT borehole camera

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