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Wednesday, 9 October 2019
Hydrogrow Jersey BoreSaver - Case Study

Providing a solution to Jersey’s iron contamination problems

“I could see the irrigation system was blocked with iron bacteria — after treating it with BoreSaver, I was able to get it back up and running.”

Product: BoreSaver Ultra C

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019
Malawi AFRICA University of Strathclyde, BoreSaver & SC Camera - Case Study

Students from the University of Strathclyde have been working on a programme* to ensure communities in rural Malawi have access to clean, safe water.

“Using a camera is the best way of verifying a well is clear and working properly. It was important the camera was portable and easy to manoeuvre, this one was ideal.”

Products: BoreSaver Ultra C, Laval SC-500 System, SC-166 downhole camera

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Monday, 9 September 2019
UK Pinecroft Gardens BoreSaver - Case Study

Award-winning gardener needed help after severe IRB build-up in borehole effected his irrigation system.

“It has been a fantastic solution. BoreSaver turned the water from horrible orange sludge to virtually clear, it was remarkable.”

Product: BoreSaver Ultra C

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019
UK Affinity Water, Public Water Supply - Case Study

Asset maintenance at public water supply boreholes.

"Looking at the pre and post treatment camera footage from the pumping stations, there was a big difference and the treatment clearly cleaned up the encrustation"

Product: BoreSaver Ultra C Pro

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Monday, 24 February 2014
Scotland (Global Drinks Manufacturer) - Case Study

Rehabilitation of boreholes supplying water to manufacturing plant.

"Using BoreSaver had returned the borehole to its original condition with increased yield, reduced drawdown and reducing pumping costs."

Product: BoreSaver Ultra C

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