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Water21: Ensuring efficiency in geothermal systems

Successful Rehabilitation of a Geothermal System in Lodi, Italy

Published in the April 2012 issue of Water21, the magazine of the International Water Association (IWA).

Synopsis: Although geothermal systems can be very efficient for heating and cooling of buildings, the problem of mineral and bacterial contamination in the groundwater source can cause serious system failure.

Mike Deed, Managing Director of Geoquip Water Solutions, outlines the need for regular maintenance of geothermal systems to control bacterial growth and keep systems running efficiently.

The article includes a case study of a geothermal system in Lodi, Italy, where iron bacteria system had clogged both the extraction and recharge well, rendering the system unusable. By using the BoreSaver range of treatments to treat the iron bacteria and iron oxide contamination and by implementing a regular maintenance programme, the geothermal system was returned to full operational use.

The article can be purchased from the IWA direct:

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