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Wellmaster provides a flexible approach for tricky installations

From saving the day in difficult locations to demonstrating its benefits in the geothermal sector, the Wellmaster flexible rising main system is fast becoming the ‘go to’ solution for borehole experts.

The simplicity of its ‘steel on a reel’ approach and the fact it is up to 75% lighter than equivalent traditional steel risers, enables it to be transported more easily and cheaply.

More than anything however, it is its strength, portability and adaptability which continues to prove its worth across a number of sectors.

As an authorised partner of Angus Flexible Pipelines, manufacturer of Wellmaster; Geoquip Water Solutions works closely with organisations such as borehole maintenance specialist Drilcorp, helping it to meet the demands of its customers.

Geoquip’s Mike Deed said: “As a Wellmaster stockist, we are well placed to service the borehole engineering sector with the best possible solution for their borehole maintenance and remediation work.

“We’re continuing to find that Wellmaster is the flexible rising main system of choice for use in water abstraction with submersible pumps. This is predominantly because of the major cost savings it offers, together with the performance advantages over more traditional steel riser pipes and conventional rigid polyethylene, PVC or glass fibre pipes.”

Ideally suited for all types of ground water extraction and well monitoring operations, Wellmaster’s lightweight, layflat coilable construction make it easy to store, handle and maintain.

And with a five-year guarantee against corrosion and bacteria growth – 10 years if installed by an approved/Wellmaster registered installer – it provides peace of mind that once it is installed, it will continue performing for years to come.

Mike Bushby, Contracts Manager within the Borehole Engineering Services division of Drilcorp, says: “We’ve had a number of occasions recently where we have been faced with real challenges in terms of borehole locations and using Wellmaster has been the only solution that would have worked.

“Its strength and design is invaluable, especially in geothermal projects, where it has real benefits over traditional steel risers. Mild steel can become corroded by the amount of iron contamination in the water, whereas Wellmaster’s design and materials are designed to cope far better.

“We have already used it within a number of dewatering and mine geothermal projects and, as the drive continues toward increasing the use of geothermal, I see it as a key part of our equipment.”

Angus Flexible Pipelines has just upgraded the specifications of its Wellmaster 250, increasing both the depth at which it can be operated and its increasing minimum burst pressure.

Rodger Collins, UK sales manager at Angus, explains: “We examined more than 40 years’ worth of Wellmaster testing data and recognised that we weren’t maximising the information we had available.

“The data showed us that this product is capable of being installed at over 300m and the minimum burst pressure is well in excess of 60 bar, so we have now reformatted our WellCalc Software package to reflect this and updated our datasheets accordingly.”

Another key advantage, says Rodger, is improved on-site safety as installing Wellmaster avoids the potential hazards of operatives working with suspended stainless steel pipes overhead, while its layflat coilable design ensures there is no build-up of stored coil energy.

Wellmaster’s lightweight high strength comes from its continuous circular weaving with synthetic yarns and seamless reinforcement. It can be cut to size, ensuring minimum wastage, and its construction makes it easier and more cost effective to transport without the need for large vehicles, as well as being cheaper to install with minimal plant required.

Flexibility is also a key driver in Wellmaster’s success. Recently, Drilcorp was asked by a soft drinks manufacturer to remove an existing pump from one of its boreholes, check for any problems and install a new rising main and pump.

A key challenge however was the location, as Mike Bushby explains: “The borehole was situated in a very difficult to reach small garden area, with steps down and close to a wall. I was assured that the pump had been removed previously but we obviously needed to think very carefully about how the work could be managed with the minimum of fuss and expense.”

The solution was to anchor the necessary equipment onto the roof of an adjacent building, which not only allowed the removal of the head plate so the pump could be lifted and a downhole camera inserted, but it also enabled the installation of the Wellmaster, which went in over the roof.

Mike continued: “The Wellmaster flexible rising main system is known for its strength, portability and adaptability and it certainly ticked all the boxes on this occasion. Utilising the roof to anchor it as we carried out the installation would have been impossible with any other system and it meant we were able to complete the job on time and on budget which, given the challenges, was a great result and the customer was very pleased.”

Another project where Wellmaster proved its worth was one Drilcorp carried out for a large water authority.

It wanted to carry out testing at a depth of around 40 metres and, although stainless steel riser pipes could have been installed, it would have increased both the cost and the time taken.

“From our extensive stock of Wellmaster we were able to undertake the work without delay at a reasonable cost to the client,” said Mike. “It certainly helped us win the work as the alternative would have been much more expensive.

“In addition, the fact Wellmaster can be extracted from the borehole, rolled up and stored away for future use also helps keep costs down.”

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Photo credits: Drilcorp Borehole Engineering Services