VL 5 - 5" Submersible Pump E-tech Franklin Electric

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Part Number:  VL5-4
Brand:  Franklin Electric E-tech
Pump Size  5" Pump
Series Max Flow  7m3/h
Series Max Head  113.5m
Series  VL 5

Franklin Electric E-tech

VL5 5" In-line Pumps deliver efficiency and superior performance for a wide variety of demanding applications.   

VL5 5" In-line Pumps deliver efficiency and superior performance for a wide variety of demanding applications.

VL5 5 inch In line Performance at 50Hz


  • Full stainless steel compact and solid structure
  • Impellers and diffusers are made of stainless steel in order to achieve durability, superior efficiency and the highest performances
  • Double mechanical seal separated by an oil chamber for maximum motor protection
  • Plug-in type power cable and level control (floater) for easy replacement
  • External capacitor easily accessible (single-phase only)
  • Extremely silent pump thanks to the inside motor, cooled by the pumped liquid itself
  • Pump fitted with flanged connections to allow for easy installation in narrow spaces or, more simply, in line with the pipeline


  • Capacities: up to 14 m³/h at 50Hz; up to 16 m³/h at 60Hz
  • Head: up to 104m at 50Hz; up to 115m at 60Hz
  • Connections: Rp threaded for inlet and outlet
  • Maximum working pressure: 15 Bar
  • Maximum immersion depth: 20 m
  • Liquid temperature range from -5°C to +40°C
  • The hydraulic characteristics are guaranteed, according to ISO standard 9906:2012, grade 3B
  • Power cable: 1,5m cable type H07RN-F is supplied with standard version
  • Continuous operating either in vertical or horizontal position
  • Pressure boosting
  • Water distribution
  • Water supply from wells or first collecting tanks
  • Rainwater collection
  • Wash down unit
  • Irrigation / Gardening / Sprinklers
  • Fountains and water games
  • Specific applications to cape problems of noise
  • Specific applications to cape problems of space-saving

VL 5 Inch Inline Performance at 50Hz

VL5 In Line pump Dimension Table single Three Phase

VL5 In Line pump Dimensions


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