Wellmaster 400 Hose

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Part Number:  WM400 3
Brand:  Angus Wellmaster

Angus  WellMaster

WELLMASTER 400 is the premier, Flexible Rising Main system for use in ground-water extraction.

Angus WELLMASTER 400 is the premier, flexible rising main system for use in ground-water extraction.

It is manufactured from high tenacity synthetic yarns, circular woven and totally encapsulated in a tough high performance elastomer. The riser has an integral textile reinforced rib for location of the power cable strapping system.

Wellmaster is the only flexible rising main approved under Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations. This means it is the only flexible rising main permitted to be used for new installations in private and public water supplies.

Its Features include:

  • Regulation 31 approved - Wellmaster is the only flexible rising main approved under regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations
  • 400m total working head
  • Lightweight, layflat coilable construction for ease of storage, handling and transport
  • Fully tested lengths available up to 200m
  • World-wide potable water approval
  • High safety margins in both tensile and hydraulic performance
  • Total corrosion, microbiological and internal scaling resistance
  • Compatible with all types of submersible pumps
  • Superior hydraulic performance with low friction loss for reduced operation costs
  • Long operational life with 5 year warranty
  • High abrasion resistance lining and cover
  • Rapid installation and retrieval methods resulting in substantial cost savings
  • Field fittable, high security integral non-metallic couplings
  • manufactured under Angus Flexible Pipelines ISO9001 Quality Management Systems accreditation
Product Sheets

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Section 1 - Introduction to the Wellmaster coupling components.

Section 2 - Preparing the Wellmaster and fitting it to the coupling

Section 3 - Fitting the coupling collars and initial tightening

Section 4 - Completing the fitting of the coupling and adjusting the torque

Section 5 - Troubleshooting


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