4 inch Three Phase Motor Franklin Electric

4 inch Three Phase Motor Franklin Electric
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Part Number:  MO4B-CN0007FS-CW
Brand:  Franklin Electric

Key Features:

  • Franklin Electric
  • 3 phase motor range: 0,55 – 3kW
  • 4" NEMA flange
  • Degree of protection: IP68
  • Rated ambient temperature: 30°C
  • Voltage tolerance 50Hz from nominal: -10% / +6%
  • Voltage tolerance 60Hz from nominal: ±10%
  • Protection requirements: EN 61947-4-1

4" Three phase Franklin Electric motor

Standard Motor Design Specifications:

  • Hermetically sealed stator. Anti track, self healing stator resin prevents motor burn out, mechanically supports the winding and provides fast heat dissipation
  • High efficiency electrical design (low operation cost, cool running winding)
  • Removable “Water Bloc™” lead connector
  • Cable material according to drinking water regulations (VDE / ACS / KTW approved)
  • No-wear, water lubricated radial and thrust bearings for 100% maintenance free operation
  • Non-contaminating FES 93 filling liquid
  • Various agency approvals for use in drinking water

Pollution Recovery Motor Version Specifications:

  • Fluorelastomere rubber parts
  • Special Polyuretane (PUR) lead assemblies
  • 304 graded stainless steel as standard, 316SS as an option

Brackish Water Motor Version Specifications:

  • For use in water that has more salinity than fresh water, but not as much as seawater
  • The novel Franklin Electric Brackish Water Motor proposes a cost-effective solution wherever standard 4" motors are not giving sufficient service life

Heat Pump Motor Version Specifications:

  • Many modern heating systems extract heat that is stored in aquifer / river water. Such so-called two-pit or open systems require low-power, high efficiency 3-phase submersible motors. To meet the demands of this niche market, Franklin Electric has developed a special 4" encapsulated submersible motor optimized for shallow settings and low power consumption available in 0,25 kW; 380-415 V/50 Hz

Technical specification:

  • 3 phase motor range: 3.7 – 5.5kW
  • 4" NEMA flange
  • Rotation: reversible
  • Degree of protection: IP68
  • Insulation: Cl. B
  • Rated ambient temperature: 30°C
  • Required cooling flow: min. 0,08m/s
  • Max. starts/hr.: 20, equally distributed
  • Mounting: vertical to horizontal, shaft upwards
  • Voltage tolerance 50Hz from nominal: -10% / +6%
  • Voltage tolerance 60Hz from nominal: ±10%
  • Protection requirements: EN 61947-4-1


  • Motor cable VDE / ACS / KTW approved (1,5 m; 2,5 m; special lengths available
  • Motors with factory- installed lead in Single Packing
  • Special voltages on request
  • Motor complete in AISI 316SS with SiC seal

Dimensions and Weights:


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