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99 316 ID TREINCH EX ATEX Pump - MaxFlow 2.4m3hr
99 316 ID TREINCH EX ATEX Pump - MaxFlow 2.4m3hr

99 316 ID TREINCH EX ATEX Pump - MaxFlow 2.4m3hr

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99 316 ID TREINCH EX 25-20-1p

OFT Pumps     ATEX Logo      99 316 TREINCH EX ATEX Rated 3" Borehole Submersible Pumps 
Max Flow 2.4 m3/hr    Max Head 56 m

Raising from wells or tanks of water free from solid sediments, pumping of liquids contaminated and with traces of heavy metals, sampling of fluids in contaminated sites, hydraulic barriers. The ATEX pumps in conformity with 2014/34/UE Directive can be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres according to the marking explained in the technical details.


• Multistage centrifugal electric submersible pumps for 3” wells with suction from below: the hydraulic part is located under the motor cooled externally by the pumped liquid.
• External pump case, motor case, motor support and other components in AISI 316 stainless steel.
• Impellers and diffusers in special technopolymer.
• The check valve installed inside the electric pumps.
• Electric pumps produced directly with the meters of SK 4G1,5 electric cable required without electrical junctions.
• The pumps can not operate in dry conditions.
• Electric pumps submerged for at least 15 cm provided that the pumps have been preloaded.
• Temperature of the pumped liquid: max +40 °C.
• Maximum immersion depth: 20 m. 


• 2 poles asynchronous motor, 50 Hz, 2850 rpm.
• Class F insulation.
• IP68 protection.
• Working voltage: single-phase 230 V, three-phase 400 V.
• Oil filled electric motor.


• Control panel.
• Intrinsically safe module with ATEX supply circuit.
• ATEX level regulator with 5, 10 or 20 m of electric cable.
• ATEX electronic level transmitter.
• SK 4G1,5 round cable or ID 4G1,5 round cable.


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