Borehole Pumps & Accessories

Borehole pumps and accessories:

  • Maxifilter
  • Top Filter
  • Pump motor cooling jacket vertical or horizontal
  • Heat shrink joints
  • Manhole key kits
  • Other accessories
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Stainless steel wheeled filter for use in upslope risers or angled / horizontal pipelines.

Top Filter

Top Filter.

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Topfilter system to avoid the obstruction of the electric pump in hard conditions.
The Topfilter is carried out with filtering pipes and can be used in landfills where water with solid filamentous sediment and leachate is present. 

Pump Motor Cooling Jacket vertical

Pump Motor Cooling Jacket vertical.

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Vertical cooling Jacket to prevent excessive heat around
the submersible electric motor.

Pump Motor Cooling Jacket Horizontal

Pump Motor Cooling Jacket Horizontal.

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Horizontal Cooling Jacket with base support to prevent excessive heat around the submersible electric motor.

Universal Manhole Cover Key Kit

Universal Manhole Cover Key Kit.


Manhole cover lifting tool with interchangeable end tips. 

The manhole key kit is made from carbon steel for added strength and zinc plated from rust.


Heat Shrink Joint kits

Heat Shrink Joint kits.


Heat Shrink Joint Kits

Thermal Heat Shrink Joint Kit - 1.5 > 6mm (Extra long sheath 300mm)

Manhole Cover Seal Breaker

Manhole Cover Seal Breaker.


1.5 ton manhole cover seal breaker with 8 interchangeable screw tips. 1.5 tonnes of pressure to break a seal and safely remove a manhole cover.


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