QMDE-AR Control Panel - 230v

QMDE-AR Control Panel - 230v
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Smart Evo 1 Electronic Control PanelSmart Evo 1 Electronic Control Panel

Part Number:  QMDE10/2A-T
Brand:  Maniero


Discontinued product

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Smart EVO 1

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QMDE-AR single electromechanical control panel for one or two electric pump (or motors), with direct start.

Control Panel Selection Table

Electromechanical control panel with thermal protection against motor overload, contactor for motor start and selectable self hold (excludable by selector).

It is suitable for surface pumps, submerged pumps (without probes) and motors in general, with power range between 0,12 kW and 2,2 kW (please download the data sheet to learn more about all the available sizes and features). It can be used for wastewater drainage.

Electric control panel with thermoplastic or metallic case (according to the model size) and IP55 protection degree.

Inputs and outputs

  • N. 3 (QMDE10-AR) or 4 (QMDE20-AR) inputs for floats;
  • N. 1 (QMDE10-AR) or 2 (QMDE20-AR) probes inputs for motor temperature (N.C.);
  • 24Vac (0,2A 5VA) alarm output;


  • Electric pumps start exchanger;
  • Command with selector and LEDs ø 22mm;
  • Main disconnecting switch with door lock;


  • Thermal relay protection against motor overload;
  • Protection with motor overtemperature probe;
  • Auxiliary circuit and motor protection fuses;
  • 24Vac auxiliary contacts from safety transformer;
  • Very low voltage inputs;

KCC – Running capacitor predisposition 12,5/16/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/60/70/75/80 μF;

Optional features

DS – Probe device for the control of water infiltration in the motor oil chamber

Dimensions & Weights

Dimensions & Weights


Circuit Diagrams


Circuit Diagrams



Electrical Data


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