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Top Filter
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  • Top Filters are carried out using filtering pipes.
  • They can be used in landfills where water with solid filamentous sediments and leachate is present.  
  • If properly measured, installed and checked,the filters can be a good solution to control the ordinary operating costs of the plant.  
  • As the electric filter pump kit is easy to dismantle, it allows easy maintenance.
  • The filters have a cylindrical stainless steel structure, as well as a large surface area with the pumped liquid.  
  • At the ends of the stainless steel cylinder there are two shaped thermoplastic discs: the upper disc allows the insertion of the pump, series M, inside the filter. 
  • The suction fissures have been studied to optimise the passage of small particles. 
  • It is important that at least 30% of the surface of the filter is free from sediment in order for the suction to work correctly and effectively. 
  • The external diameter of the top filter cylinder is 168mm. the maximum overall dimension is 172mm.
  • The top filter can work when it is completely submerged in liquid up to temperatures of +85 degrees Celsius.

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