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Drytek Electronic Control Panel

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Control panel with LCD for 1 single-phase and three-phase motor with power factor control to prevent the pump from dry running. Ensuring the protection of submerged pumps without probes.

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Control panel with microprocessor for 1 single-phase or three-phase pump with power factor control.

The ideal system for protecting the pump against dry-running.
Practical and versatile, DRYTEK allows you to save time of installation and to reduces service costs.

DRYTEK control panels are assembled in ABS thermoplastic boxes with an original Elentek design, watertight, self-extinguishing, degree of protection IP55.

The DRYTEK range has a practical LCD for reading the operating and alarm states, besides led lights and set-up pushbuttons on the frontpanel.

External controls such as pressure and float switches can be connected to the terminal inside the panel.

All the set-up, control and use operations are done by the frontpanel without the need to open the panel.


Drytek control panel with LCD for 1 single-phase and three-phase motor with power factor control to prevent the pump from dry running. Ensuring the protection of submerged pumps without probes.

DRYTEK are panels designed for the control and protection of a SUBMERSED ELECTRIC PUMP whether single or three phase, with DIRECT start-up.

They are equipped with an electronic board with latest generation microprocessor to simplify and optimise operation, enabling flexible use for a variety of pump outputs via the same panel. This factor is also crucial in terms of warehouse stock, which can be reduced significantly, thereby occupying less space and enabling more immediate and simpler management.

In fact the pump protection system via the motor cos-fi, the protection current control function combined with minimum/maximum voltage and phase sequence controls, thus increase the range of use, meaning that just one single phase model can cover the entire range of pumps up to 2.2 Kw, while the three phase models are limited to 4 sizes, covering the range of pumps up to 11 Kw.

This cos-fi protection system also enables protection of the pump without the use of level control, meaning further savings as additional probes and electric cables are no longer needed.

To complete the electronic board, it is combined with a back-lit LCD  (16x2 lines) which enables both system programming and the display of all parameters and the status of the system in real time, such as the values voltage-current-cos-fi and status alarms.

DRYTEK 1 applications:

  • Submersed or surface pumps for irrigation
  • Submersed or surface pumps for pressure systems
  • Submersed or surface pumps for tank filling

DRYTEK  can control single phase pumps thanks to a power relay, and three phase pumps via its own specific contactors.
A special microprocessor control system  ensures instant protection of the electric pump against the risk of malfunctions.
The electrical panel is fitted inside a drawer/enclosure in ABS featuring an innovative design, with unibody seal and special provisions for wall-fixture, which maintains the protection rating of the electrical panel.

The pushbuttons and indicator lights are positioned in a special recess on the frontpanel to protect against the risk of impact.
Ease of installation thanks to a series of anti-tear cable clamps.
The disconnect switch with padlockable door lock enables opening in total absence of power inside the panel itself.

Products compatible with DRYTEK include: floats, pressure switches and alarm panels.
The entire DRYTEK series is equipped with a voltage-free contact output useful for signalling possible alarms such as overload, minimum and maximum levels. This output can be connected to an additional panel in the series ALARM PANELS or any alarm system with or without GSM.

To obtain a product offering maximum functionality and quality, all our electrical panels are tested and inspected for all functions  on the “panel division” test stations, equipped for the control of single and three phase pumps, the control of solenoid valves for simulating dry run conditions, the control of pressure unit closure solenoids, check of phase sequence, current capacity control checks, and control of pressure on booster set applications.

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