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Multi-jet Turbine Water Meter Type DS TRP

MJ Reed Switch (PN: ME3Q-DWP-A1N)
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Multi-jet turbine water water flow meter with Union Ends


The Multi-jet turbine water flow meter is recommended for use in case of high consumptions and where piping, through deterioration, releases solid particles or these are coming together with the water. All materials in contact  with water, were continuously selected by their known resistance to corrosion and hydrolysis.

The use of the multijet technology when conceiving the hydraulic part of these meters allows an exceptional cost/quality compromises with an excellent longevity.

Although the current standards have only forseen the use of so-called "cold water" meters in temperatures lower that 30ºC, the meter can be used safely in water temperatures up to 50ºC.

They are sealed to prevent fogging and swivel 360º for easy reading from any position.

Installation Recommendations:

To maintain the accuracy of readings the minimum straight lengths of pipe, before and after the meter, should be 10 times and 5 times the internal pipe diameter, respectively.

• Tempered mineral glass lens of adequate thickness (1) The inductive design features a high-performance glass lens
• The numbered drums, the cubic meter fractions, the MID inscriptions and the serial number are in the sealed register and do not come into contact with water ensuring continued readability (2)
• Pre-equipped meters maintain both the mineral glass lens and the standard inscriptions
• The serial number is marked on the dial both in digits and in barcode form. It is also marked on the closing ring (3)
• No upstream or downstream straight pipe requirements
• Installation in vertical pipes available on DN 13 and DN 20 meters (see relevant data sheet)
• R50 meters for vertical installation are also available
• PiiP certification mark available upon request on Q3 2.5 water meters (certificate no. 01/325/2003)
• Internal and external epoxy powder coating
• Stainless steel numbered drums’ shaft
• Inlet strainer with wide straining area
• Non-return valve available upon request
• Internal components made of anhygroscopic, anti-scaling and wear resistant plastic materials
• Maximum water temperature: 50 °C; 90 °C version available on request (not approved)
• Nominal working pressure: 16 bar

If you require certification for the meter, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


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