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Woltmann Water Meter Type WMAP EVO
Woltmann Water Meter Type WMAP EVO

Woltmann Water Meter Type WMAP EVO

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Axial helix Woltmann water flow meter with interchangeable mechanism. The rugged design ensures reliable operation and is designed for remote communication. They can be retrofitted with pulse emitter or radio module maintaining the mechanical and metrological features and without affecting readability.


The Woltmann water flow meter WMAP type is an axial helix (the axis of the helix is coaxial to the axis of the pipe) . The magnetically driven register operates in a dry compartment and the helix is submerged in water. Readability is ensured by the tempered mineral glass lens: its flat and smooth surface, unlike plastic lenses, is scratch-resistant and does not turn opaque.

Woltmann irrigation water meters are ideal for sub/secondary billing for domestic applications, batch control and also for water monitoring in industrial/commercial applications, borehole and irrigation. It has working pressure up to 16bar, can be used in cold water up to 50⁰C and is available in 2” (50mm) and 6” (150mm) sizes. 


  • Tempered mineral glass lens with adequate thickness
  • The counter is housed in  a dry compartment which has no contact with the water ensuring continued readability
  • Straight reading on 7 numbered drums for the cubic meters and 2 fractional dials for submultiples.
  • The MID inscriptions are on a metallic label applied on a meter's flange
  • Metallic lockable lid
  • Pulsed meters maintain the metrological seal and protected by cover
  • No upstream (use of flow straighteners) and downstream straight pipe requirements
  • Hydraulic tests are carried out at three flow rates (Q1, Q2, Q3) on 100% of the production. Out testing benches comply with standards ISO 4064/3 and ISO 4185 (EN 14154/3) and are approved by a European notified body
  • Cast iron flanged body; internal and external epoxy powder costing
  • Steel pivot, synthetic sapphire bearing
  • Internal mechanism made of anhygroscopic, anti-scaling and hard-wearing plastic materials
  • Maximum water temperature: 50ºC
  • Nominal pressure (PN): 10 or 16 bar

Installation Recommendations:

To maintain the accuracy of readings the minimum straight lengths of pipe, before and after the meter, should be 10 times and 5 times the internal pipe diameter, respectively.

If you require certification for the meter, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.




  • The Woltman meters are pre-equipped for two pulse outputs as a standard. The pulse emitter can be retrofitted maintaining both the meter functionality and design.
  • Meters can be be installed both in horizontal and vertical position. Performance is unaffected by the installation conditions and the water characteristics.
  • The meters comply with directive 2004/22/EC (annex MI-001) and have undergone conformity assessment procedure B+D. The maximum measuring range Q3/Q1 (R) certified is 100. Lower measuring ranges are also available (R80, R50, etc.).
  • They certified for use with potable water in accordance with Italian (D.M. 6 April 2004 no. 174) and international regulations
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