Pump Motor Cooling Jacket Horizontal

Pump Motor Cooling Jacket Horizontal
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Pump motor Cooling Jacket with base support to prevent excessive heat around the submersible electric motor.

The constant and circular flow of the water limits the raising of the external temperature for the motor during its working. Most submersible motors need a circular and defined water flow.

The best result is installing the pump inside the jacket so that the pumped liquid can circulate around the motor housing.

To have the necessary water flow speed to cool the jacket, the delivery of the pump must be referred to the annular surface of the internal diameter of the cooling jacket and the external diameter of the electric motor.

The jackets are designed with filters to prevent the obstruction of the pump obtaining good saving in system maintenance.

The jacket is made from a thermoplastic material and the components are made in a stainless material.

We also have a vertical version with to suit the vertictal design.

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Cooling Jacket to prevent excessive heat around
the submersible electric motor.

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