VS 14 - 6" Submersible Pump E-tech Franklin Electric

VS 14 - 6'' Submersible Pump E-tech Franklin Electric
Our Price:  £1,042.00(Exc. 20% VAT)

Part Number:  VS14/5 / ETH11140110
Brand:  Franklin Electric E-tech
Pump Size:  6" Pump
Series Max Flow:  18m3/h
Series Max Head:  684m
Series:  VS 14

Franklin Electric E-tech

E-Tech VS Series 6" Submersible Well Pumps


Outer Case: Stainless Steel, Diffusers: Techolopolymer, Impeller: Polycarbonate
Max Flow 18m3/hr   Max Head 684m

NOTE: Motors are sold separately, please see our range of motors here. 


  • Fabricated stainless steel impellers and diffusers for corrosion resistance
  • Heavy duty stainless steel structure for improved stiffness and ensuring the permanent alignment of all components and thus increased run time and trouble-free operation
  • PTFE floating neck ring, ceramic guide journal sleeve (tungsten-carbide on request) and Nitrile rubber fluted bearing to ensure durability against wear for long-lasting constant performances and product reliability
  • Compact, reliable and suited to operate in horizontal position
  • Built-in check valve to protect the pump against water hummer risk
  • Radial models with double reinforcement rings and mix-flow models longer than 3 m are equipped with tungsten-carbide (widia) upper journal sleeve and with an intermediate tungsten-carbide (widia) journal sleeve plus special intermediate split cone nut
  • The hydraulic design is such to enhance the overall efficiency thus reducing energy consumption and making the pumping systems more cost effective


  • Flow: up to 80 m³/h at 50 Hz
  • Head: up to 700 m (70 bar) at 50 Hz
  • Water temperature:
  • Minimum: -5 °C
  • Maximum: +60 °C for I (AISI304) version / +90 °C for N (AISI316) and R (904L) versions
  • Maximum allowable amount of sand 100 g/m³
  • Rotation: counter clockwise when looking into the discharge
  • Pump can work continuously in vertical or horizontal position
  • Motor adapter in compliance with NEMA standard
  • Motors: see section Submersible Motors

Available on request

  • Pump material:
  • 316 Stainless steel (N) version (DIN/EN 1.4401)
  • 904L (R) version (DIN/EN 1.4539)
  • See specified material variant in "Materials/Fluids compatibility" table on page 7 in the Product Catalog
  • Double cable guard
  • Discharge heads:
  • Rp 2" and Rp 3" discharge heads for VS 14 and VS 19
  • Rp 4" discharge head for VS 30-46-65 I and N versions
  • Motor adapter:
  • 4" for I and N version
  • 8" for I and N version
  • Tungsten-carbide guide journal sleeve
  • High temperature version (up to 90 °C)
  • Bearings bush in FKM

Performance Tables at 50Hz

E-TECH VS 14 Table

VS14 technical pageVS14 curveVS14 technicalVS14 curveVS14 technicalVS14 curve

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