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Solar Range Constant Pressure Inverters

Energy saving with motor-pump driven by inverter supplied from solar/photovoltaic panels

This inverter has been designed optimizing all hardware and electronic parts, with modern and low consumption components, with an efficient internal and external (on the important aluminium dissipator) servo-ventilation system, and also at software level, letting the three-phase asynchronous motor work in condition of maximum efficiency, all in order to optimise the whole efficiency of the system made up of photovoltaic panels + inverter + motor.


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Solar Range Constant Pressure Inverter
Solar Range Constant Pressure Inverter
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Inverter voltage supply 60-140Vdc

Inverter voltage supply 3x230V max

Maximum motor-pump power 1,1kW

Inverter Frequency output from 0 to 55 Hz

Pressure measure range from 0 to 16 bar

Maximum output current 5A

Wall fixing